Friday, May 21, 2010

Embracing Change!

State Farm Insurance is embracing change and so is Leslie as she opens their latest commercial where she nearly forgets to collect her change when purchasing a magazine. The newstand owner, an actor named Jameson, is honest and calls her back.

"Like a good neighbor, State Farm is best!"


Tune into the final episode of the season of HawthorRNe.
Look for Leslie to be the hard-a_ _ one in the group to cause trouble for the hospital!
You'll find HawthoRNe on TNT.
"It was an honor and pleasure to work with and on Jada Pinkett Smith's hospital drama. The entire cast and crew were wonderful! Watching Ed Bianchi direct was a master class in watching a scene be honed and layered with depth..." Leslie
More details coming soon!

News Flash!


Leslie was offered to direct the Pulitzer Prize Winner, "Crimes Of The Heart" by Beth Henley, at East West Players Asian American Theater's main stage in Los Angeles.

She accepted the job and will begin auditions in September of this year.

"Crimes" will open in early November.

Look for more exciting updates as the design team and cast are assembled!