Friday, July 1, 2011

From Iowa to Barcelona

Leslie's "Watashi Niwa Jishinga Aru: I Have A Spine" traveled to Iowa City and was performed at the Working Group Theatre in their Under Construction New Works Festival!

This infant of a new work found it's first steps with wonderful and diverse audiences. It was paired during it's theatrical run with Sean Christopher Lewis' humorous and touching solo work, "Just Kids." A big thank you and shout out to the Iowa community angels, Working Group Theatre and crew, Sean Christopher Lewis, Jennifer Fawcett, and Martin Andrews and his family.

Lovely Iowa in the Spring was where May Day baskets were mysteriously left at doorsteps, daffodils and tulips were in full bloom, and new works were also blossoming.

Then, spring gave way to summer and Leslie is continuing the development of "Watashi!" She is officially invited to perform the next incarnation of this solo work at The Freedom and Focus Fitzmaurice Voicework Conference in Barcelona, Spain!

Leslie is a co-organizer of this conference and is a presenter as well. The workshop she will present is "Finding Your Voice; Finding Your Story." In this workshop she shares her method of creating devised work born out of the Fitzmaurice Voicework approach.

Stay tuned for more because with Leslie, there is always more!!

"Doing what I love and loving what I do!"

She's Everywhere At Once!

Busy is inadequate to describe Leslie's life--
Fully engaged at full tilt is more like it!

Leslie has been seen in Douglas, Alaska, hiking and teaching at Perseverance Theatre's artist training intensive, ASTI (Alaska State Training Institute). Many thanks to all at Perseverance Theatre, Art Roch, Shona Strausser, Leon Ingulsrud, and Dan LeFranc. (What happens in Douglas stays in Douglas.:)))

In the lower 48 she was also seen at the 50th birthday/conference celebration of Theatre Communication Group (TCG)! Yes, they are the organization that publishes "American Theatre Magazine." TCG break out sessions, plenaries, meals, taking in Radar LA Theatre festival, and East West Players Asian American Theatre's awesome "KRUNK FU BATTLE BATTLE" with theatre colleagues from Alaska and all over the world was a practice in being everywhere at once.

Directly following the TCG 50th Conference, the National Asian American Theatre Conference and Festival, hosted by East West Players Asian American Theatre, topped off the month of June and energized and built a new direction for the Asian American theatre movement! Talented AsAm artists from all over the world performed and worked tirelessly to make this conference the best one yet!

Proud to be AsAm!!