Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Flash Forward" Watch!

Flashing Foward!
Keep your ears open, especially, starting tomorrow night, Dec. 3rd, Thursday on ABC's FLASH FORWARD! Check your local listings!
If you blink, you might miss my Priestly self. But keep your ears open as I have more voice over than on camera time! If you don't see me this week, please check back next week!
It was a really great shoot with Michael Nankin at the helm of these episodes! Other friends, such as Elizabeth Sung and Hira Ambrosino are in these episodes as well!
Go Asian Actresses!! AND of course, John!! Go John Cho!! Your friends and community are behind you all the way!!
As always, thank you for your support and feel free to comment and ask questions!!
Lots of love and gratitude,


  1. I've already seen the episode (it aired in Australia a bit earlier than in the US) and I loved it! according to the Polish fans, it is one of the best eps of the season, so it was great to see You in it.

    you can be seen/heard in the 21:35 - 21:52 and 22:04 - 22:20 of the show. You looked lovely, and and I think the scene was so emotional partly due to the somber, yet hopeful, tone You spoke with at the memorial.

    It's also great to see so many fantastic Asian-American actors on the show. I remember seeing Elizabeth Sung on the Sopranos (she played Ken Leung's mother!)and I immediately thought that she's a great actress even though she just had a short cameo. and of course John Cho is just fantastic:)

  2. Thank you so much as always for responding!

    So, wow! You saw the show before we did. I love that! How interesting!

    Yes, Liz Sung is a friend and I have such admiration for her as a human being and artist. She is a very generous soul.

    John Cho is great as well, isn't he! We've all worked at or had an association with East West Players Asian American Theater here in Los Angeles. It is a sort of home and touchstone for our community. This is how I know Elizabeth and John!

    It was fun to work on this episode. Michael Nankin was fantastic and shooting in the church was interesting. I went to the studio a few weeks later and did some looping to add more of the Priest's eulogy to those attending the memorial service.

    Looping is fun and it is great to get an advanced look at some of the footage that was shot!

    Thank you again for being a fan and please feel free to ask questions and/or comment. I so love that you do!

    Blessings to you and yours!