Sunday, October 2, 2011

Deep In The Heart Of Texas with Dave Matthew's Best, Jeff Collins--Saxophone Extraordinaire!

The skies at night are big and bright at the Levitt Pavilion where Leslie recorded and more than listened--she experienced the experimental, rippin', sometimes 2 saxed, fun-k-ee stylin's of Jeff Coffin, guest artist and grammy award-winning saxophonist of the Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, and a Dave Matthews Band.

Jeff Coffin on Tenor Saxophone, Tim Ishii conducting the UT, Arlington Jazz Orchestra.
Under the direction of Tim Ishii, Jeff's North Texas State University classmate and UT, Arlington's Jazz Studies Director, the UTA Jazz Orchestra played to a burnin' hot finish at this packed outdoor venue!

Tim solo'ed on the spot at Jeff's request and the two burned the floor!  Audiences were yelling, "We love you!"

That night, everything was bigger and better in Texas!! 

Check out Jeff Coffin & the MU'TET Live!  (A special edition 2 cd set.);
Check out UT Arlington, Jazz Faculty Group album; Produced by Tim Ishii;

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