Thursday, April 9, 2009


Again, set your Tivo's for Desperate Housewives!
Sunday evening, May 3, 2009
Look for "Asian Woman" in Episode #521, "Bargaining!"

Look for my behind the scenes "tell-all" after the episode airs!
I want to know if you think "Asian Woman" should strike back!

If you need to catch up, be sure to click through on to catch up on past episodes!
Also, be sure to check your local television listings for show time!

Thank you for tuning in and looking forward to reading your comments!


  1. All women need to strike back! Asian women just tend to strike back a little lower than Swedish ones.

  2. OK, I've set my Tivo! Question: Can Jewish woman strike back too?!

  3. Kath, I think Jewish Woman can strike back too for sure!! Try and see what happens! Let us all know!!! Sending you lots of love and blessings during this Passover season!! Les

  4. Wendy,what do you mean by "lower?"
    Thank you for responding! This is so much fun!!
    Happy Spring and I want to know more about how Swedish Women strike back! Les

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  6. why everyone rude at desperate housewives

    why every american gonna fuk each ather and cheating at desperate housewives.
    i think those women (especially bree) are happy. so husbands gonna desperate
    what the hell with gabriel. she killed carlos s mother then doing behave nothing
    what is orson s offence? he gave bree everything he had... so...
    abuk sabuk - wikipedia