Thursday, April 16, 2009


Thank you to all who tuned in or Tivo'ed last night's LOST Episode!!

Is it what you were predicting? Comment and let me know!

I am awaiting clearance from the LOST Publicity Department so I can post some photos from behind the scenes regarding this #13th Episode, "Some Like It Hoth."


I can share with you now that it was an incredible journey that started with a phone call on a Friday evening and then Wig Master, Victoria Mudd arriving at my house the next morning to measure and fit my head for the wig that was used in this episode.

Victoria is like Mary Poppins when she arrives. She is magical and carries with her a bag that might as well be Mary Poppin's carpet bag. She reaches in and takes out all of the supplies needed to create a temporary wig cap. She is very fast and efficient. My husband, Wes and I, really relished this time with Victoria. We spoke about the art of stage craft, wig making and makeup and how critical these areas are to creating and telling the stories we all enjoy. Wes shared photos of his latest make up and hair pieces he utilized as Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol" at Portland Center Stage. He and Victoria spoke about their experiences ventilating hair pieces, which is the art of weaving hair into the netting that becomes the wig, beard, side burns, or perhaps a moustache.

Victoria is a very accomplished Wig maker who has worked throughout the Repertory Theater circuit and in Hollywood on many television shows and big budget films. She shared a story of working on Lemony Snicket with Erwin H. Kupitz, the best wig maker walking the planet today in her opinion. Interesting enough, Mr. Kupitz is often uncredited. Hmmm....

So fanatastic to be working with artists who are at the top of their game and so expert at their craft. I learn from every craftsman/woman I am in contact with. I have such respect for each one of these artists.

AND this was only the start of this incredible journey. Within days, my Fitzmaurice certification training was cut short as I was flown to Honolulu, HI with no script in hand. (Thank you again, Catherine Fitzmaurice and Saul Kotzubei, for this flexibility!) I was on the first flight out and arrived around 1pm. I was met at the airport and driven directly to the studios where the shooting scripts were being collated right before my eyes. I sat on a love seat in the offices reading my "hot-off-the-press script and then was told I would be going into a makeup and hair test session for what turned out to be the rest of the afternoon.

Revisit this blog soon for PART II of this story!

I am looking to have behind the scenes photos from the makeup and hair test session. Again, I am awaiting clearance from the LOST publicist to post the photos. Thank you for your patience!

More very soon! Leslie

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