Wednesday, June 24, 2009

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss no fortune goodbye! It's Free!

"Painting By Numbers"
Playwriting is the new cool!
If you can write it, then say it and play it!

Final revisions are being made and casting completed for our play reading!

Playwriting Instructor: Prince Gomolvilas!
Director: Larissa Kokernot!

All star cast: Tamlyn Tomita, Sab Shimono, Ewan Chung, Mike Hagiwara, Lisa Fredrickson, Zachary Knower, Armelia McQueen, Tracy Burns, Sharon Omi, Helen Ota, Lily Rains, and Greg Watanabe

Come on down! No reservations required.
JUNE 30th, Tuesday, 7:30pm
East West Players
120 Judge John Aiso Street (Between 1st and Temple)
Los Angeles, CA 90039

This play was selected by the David Henry Hwang Writers Institute Rewriting Development Workshop.


  1. Thank you! The reading went really well and we learned a great deal about the play hearing it with an audience's response.

    Our next step is another rewrite and then we start to submit it!

    Thank you to everyone who supported us---the actors, Larissa Kokernot, our director and of course, our writing instructor/mentor, Prince Gomolvilas, Jeff Liu, who runs the David Henry Hwang Writers Institute, and the East West Players Asian American Theater, where the reading was held.

    It was an exciting night and of course, we thank the audience who came to support our creativity. We think we heard you laugh, cry and as far as we can tell, you didn't kiss any fortune goodbye!
    Thank you to our internet supporters and fans from across the world who were unable to be with us!

  2. Congrats on a great play Leslie!