Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chang Family Poll

The LOST fans are powerful!
The fans requested a way to make it known they want the Chang family to be in Season 6!
The folks at the LOST Interviews site responded!
They have created a poll to keep the Chang Family alive on LOST!

Visit the site and vote!

Here is the link:

LOST fans are the best!!


  1. oh yes! I hope the Chang family appears in s6. I'll keep my fingers crossed!
    I also wanted to ask if baby Miles was "played" by two different babies in "Because You Left" and "Some Like it Hoth"? If so, both were incredibly cute!:)

  2. As in many shows with very young children, the very young Miles was played by twins. Although, I believe the one baby did really well and we never had to switch. So, essentially, baby Miles was played by one baby/actor.

    The parents were great. They were patient, trusting and relaxed. This helped a great deal. I believe the baby was relaxed because of this.

    Thank you for your question and your interest!