Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Desperate Housewives

I received so many phone calls and emails from friends who enjoyed the episode! Yeah!

Thank you to everyone for tuning in this past Sunday!

Did you think I would hide dinner rolls in my purse? Well, ask my brothers--when I was a child, and out at a restaurant with family, I would wrap left overs in a napkin and put them in my pocket. I didn't have a purse at that age. Then, I would take them out in the car and eat them. Apparently, they felt taunted. Hey, I was a slow eater!

If you missed the episode, click over to abc.com and catch up! The episode is called "Bargaining."

It was a fun scene to shoot! Comedic! All of the ladies were delightful to work with and the hair and make-up team a dream to work with. You wouldn't believe the amount of work it takes to maintain such stylized looks over the course of a shoot day! Big hair, big make-up! Oh! The lashes and hair spray! These folks are hard working and well deserved of much praise and recognition!

The director, David Grossman, was a dream to work with. I love that he gave me props (compacts of make-up and lipsticks) to work with. Even though these props are only seen for a glimpse, it really helped me bring the reality of the character and situation to life. It was amazing how fast Eva could disappear into the bathroom stall and shut the door!

We shot the scene in a bathroom at the Caballero Country Club in Tarzana, California!

Thank you again for your support and tuning in to Desperate Housewives! How should Asian Woman strike back after being humiliated by Gabrielle (Eva Longoria's character)!?! Please post your comments. I would love to know!

Don't forget---LOST this Wednesday night! Check your local listings for show times!

Check to see if you theories are correct? See what happens to Lara Chang, Dr. Chang, and Miles!

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