Wednesday, May 27, 2009

LOST Interviews!

Fan Generated Interview
The fans have spoken!
The fans generated questions and their representative, Sam, contacted me and set up the interview. You can find the interview posted on:
It is really interesting to find out what the fans want to know!
Read the interview and come back to this blog and comment and/or ask more questions!
Have fun! The Lostpedia folks are great and cover so many interesting aspects of LOST on their website!!
Another interview is coming! Stay tuned!


  1. Hello Leslie
    Great interview. The fans are so interested in the Changs that the producers must bring them back! Oh, I have a question. Can you explain what you mean when you refer to something in the script as "the sides"?
    Ann Marie Duguay

  2. Dear Ann Marie,

    Thank you for returning to this blog and looking up the Lost Interview!

    "Sides" to an actor are excerpts of the script that are often used for audition purposes. We are usually contacted with an audition appointment and all of the details and the sides. In this day and age, we get these excerpts attached with the email that contains the audition time and date.

    This attachment is usually the scene(s) that the casting director and/or director and producers would like to see you perform in the audition.
    Often the scene(s) are from the script/episode that they are casting for. This is why it was confusing to me when I auditioned for LOST. I thought the scene that I auditioned with was going to be in the script/episode that I was first hired for. When I didn't see the scene or even the character name in the script, I thought they had made a mistake, but in fact the LOST team doesn't leak any material, even for auditions.

    Very smart of them! They never writing themselves in a corner nor do they ever leak what is going to happen. This keeps us guessing!

    I hope this answers your question! Again, I so appreciate your interest and please feel free to continue to ask questions!

    It would be great to be back! Keep letting the producers know. The fans have no idea how powerful they are--or do they?


  3. I was waiting for that interview. I'm a big fan of the entire chang family on lost. I love how you depicted lara chang - wonderful work. can you please say something more about working with francois chau and ken leung?

  4. I promise to get my PART III article out soon. This will talk much more about working with Francois and Ken!

    Thank you for visiting and commenting! I am so glad you are a fan of the Chang Family--thank you, too, for your gracious comments about Lara!

    More very soon!

  5. Dear Leslie
    Thanks for explaining what "sides" are. I had heard the term before but never got around to asking anyone what it meant. Now I know! If people wanted to contact the producers and ask for more of Lara and the Changs next year, what would be the best way to go about it? I know a few years ago I signed some petition at the Fuselage website to bring Henry Ian Cusick back after his initial appearance, and he later said the fans were responsible for bringing him back. Let us know.
    Sincerely, Ann Marie Duguay

  6. I would sign a petition for more screen time for the chang family, definitely!

  7. Dear Ewu and Ann Marie,

    I will check with the LOST fan site interviewer, perhaps he can start a petition on his fan site. Also, if you go to through this site, I think you can click on the LOST portion of the site and find where you can write comments. I will find out from my interview contact and then post here if there ends up being a petition started.

    Thank you so much for your interest! You fans are amazingly creative and smart! It is such a pleasure interacting with you all!

    Many blessings,

  8. Dear Ewu and Ann Marie and all LOST fans,

    I contacted Lost Interviews and let the know of your interest in a petition to include the Chang Family in Season 6. They responded well and are looking into creating one. Visit their site (link on the left) and check if they have been able to create it. I will be in contact with them as well and will let you know of any progress in this area!

    Thank you so much for your interest! You fans are the best!!!


  9. Part III is in the works, I promise! I just found some pictures for the shoot---these are coming too!