Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Dear Screen Actors Guild Members,

Please vote "no" on the theatrical contract!
With this current contract proposal there is no way to become vested! It feels like it is a "good" contract for our times, but it is bogus! It leads us to eliminating residuals. How will we and younger generations qualify for health insurance each year and become vested if residuals vanish? Residuals are the key to making a decent living and retirement!

IT IS ALWAYS A GOOD TIME TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF! Don't be a victim and don't let the board allow you to believe that "this is as good as it gets given our times." There is no validity to "making up ground on the next contract." The ground is rarely made up unless there is a huge ground swell of support. So why wait! NOW is the time!

This is no time for a bake sale mentality! We are in a better position of power than ever before! Businesses and Corporations are going down right and left and we have the leverage! We blew it by allowing the board to oust Doug Allen. This was a power player that had dealt with the big wigs. It was our big chance to move forward into the big leagues to achieve real terms! NOW it is more important than ever that we stand and be counted and come together to back each other and a real contract that will allow us to validate our profession and make a decent living. My profession is not a hobby for the rich!

Be Courageous and lead with your intelligence and your integrity!
Vote NO on this contract!

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